These walks are to allow you to socialise your dogs and meet with other people who have dogs and/or who have any issues you need help with.

I organise regular local pack walks. 1-2 hour group session outdoors, quick chat at start then on for a walk.

Cost is 10 for first dog then 5 for others from same family.

It is a great opportunity for you to learn and meet some of your dog's friends, even if you think your dog doesn't need any training it's a great time to socialise (both dogs and people).

PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL DOG POO IS PICKED UP AND PUT IN THE BINS. If on a pack walk you are fully responsible for your own dog at all times, dogs can be off lead when they are in a calm state but please arrive with them on lead until we start walking. Strictly NO BALLS or toys! If you dog is off and gets excitable then you should put it back on lead.

We have had a great response and fantastic feedback from all those who have already joined us.

If you are unable to attend the pack walks and want your dog to mix with others, then I can walk your dog and work on its socialisation or any others issues without you being there. I can collect your dog and walk it with others.

If you want further details or wish to attend please contact me.

I collect any duvets (not feather), blankets, sheets, towels, dog beds, crates or anything that can be used to make beds for rescue dogs in kennels or foster homes. If you have anything that may be suitable and you wish to donate please contact me
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