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Dog Walking

Your dog will be collected and returned from your home. My van has separate crates in it so dogs are safe while in it.

New for 2016 - portable dog shower installed in van to rinse off dirty dogs after their walk.

Walks will last 45 minutes approximately and are normally in a quiet countryside locations, away from roads and livestock. Very rarely we have to shorten walks if the weather is really bad and dogs are not enjoying walk i.e. if it is torrential rain or extremely hot, if this happens we make up the time on another day and go longer enjoyable walks. In summer if it is hot we go places where the dogs can have a paddle/swim in water to cool down an/or wooded areas where there is shade. We also tend to walk on grass areas when it's hot so dogs don't burn their pads on pavement.

Group walk times begin around 10.30am, 12.00 and 1.30pm with your dog being collected shortly before those times.

During the walks your dog will be exercised and allowed to do it's business - which will be picked up and disposed of appropriately (I have a bin in my van in case no bins available where we walk. Dogs will be walked in small groups (numbers depends on size of dogs and how then get on with each other). We do like to let the dogs off lead with your permission so they can run and play with their friends. However if you do not want your dog off lead that is fine too. We will only let dogs off lead if they are well behaved and have good recall.

Dogs are offered a drink of water before and after walks as we carry a supply in the van.

After the walk your dog will be returned home, dried off if necessary and given fresh water/food if you require.

We can also take out dogs who need at little extra help, ie socialising, pulling on lead or any other issues.

We are very sorry but we cannot walk un-neutered males or bitches in season.

Does your dog need some help with learning to be friends with other dogs or have any other issues you need help with? Then call me to discuss your requirements. I have experience in dealing with a variety of problems. We can off private sessions with you and your dog to help your dog become more sociable with others.


Please see my Reiki page for full details and contact me for individual requirements and prices.

If you or your pet have any special requests/needs please let me know and I will do my very best to accommodate you. I am very flexible and try to fit in all requests even at short notice.